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Postage / Mail to United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, or the UK, is a European nation that includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. While each country has its own postal services, you can follow the same key tips and tricks for shipping anywhere within the UK. This article outlines the best carriers for shipments to the UK, unique shipping requirements,… Read More »

Postage / Mail to Mexico

It may seem counterintuitive that you have to pay international prices to ship to Mexico. After all, the United States and Mexico share a border that is nearly 2,000-miles long. However, shipments to Mexico are still considered international and subject to the rules and prices associated with international deliveries. This article outlines the best carriers… Read More »

Postage / Mail to China

With most of us communicating electronically these days, receiving a handwritten letter has become even more special. However, sending a letter overseas, especially to a country where a different language is spoken, can be daunting. Luckily, several US-based postal companies are working hard to make shipping to China as easy and inexpensive as possible. This… Read More »

Postage / Mail to Israel

With the turmoil currently facing Israel, the idea of shipping into the country may be daunting. However, UPS, USPS, and FedEx are working diligently to help you get your mail to its destination, wherever in Israel that may be. This article outlines the best carriers for shipments to Israel, unique shipping requirements, and the required… Read More »

Postage / Mail to Japan

Every year, more and more Americans cross the Pacific Ocean to visit or move to Japan. As a result, more and more of us find ourselves trying to make sense of Japanese addresses to send letters and parcels to friends and family abroad. This article outlines everything you need to know about sending postcards, letters,… Read More »

Postage / Mail to France

While France is one of the European countries closest to the United States, it is still very far away. Packages traveling to France must cross country borders and 4,775 miles of Atlantic Ocean to reach their destinations. As a result, international shipping can be long, arduous, and, at times, expensive. However, it doesn’t always have… Read More »

Postage / Mail to Canada

Shipping to Canada seems like it should be as easy as shipping within the continental United States; after all, it’s all part of the same landmass. However, shipments to Canada are considered international and are, therefore, subject to international shipping rates. This article outlines the best carriers for shipments to Canada, unique shipping requirements, and… Read More »

Postage / Mail to Puerto Rico

Mailing a postcard or letter within the United States is fairly simple: in most cases, you can affix a single stamp to the top left corner and send it on its way. However, when you start sending mail beyond the confines of the continental United States, the postage requirements become much more complex. One of… Read More »