Does Dollar General Sell Stamps?

By | June 8, 2021
does dollar general sell postage stamps
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If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a random assortment of items before, your search may have taken you through the doors of Dollar General. With many convenient locations throughout the United States, Dollar General can typically serve as the perfect answer to your discount shopping needs.

However, if you are looking for stamps… Dollar General is unfortunately not going to be of much use. While Dollar General does carry many convenient packaging and shipping items, they do not sell stamps (or at least as of June 2021).


Does Dollar General Sell Postage Stamps?

No, Dollar General does not sell stamps. You can find other stores near you that sell stamps at our Where to Buy Stamps Guide.

It’s also worth noting that while Dollar General doesn’t sell stamps, they do sell other shipping supplies (such as envelopes, boxes, tape, and more). You can see the packaging and shipping supplies available at Dollar General here.

Stamps at Online

Dollar General ( does not currently offer United States postage stamps for purchase.

However, they do sell packaging and shipping supplies. You can see the packaging and shipping supplies available on the website.

About Dollar General

The Dollar General Corporation is a variety store chain with more than 17,000 locations in 46 states. Dollar General stores are typically open from 8:00am to 9:00pm, seven days a week.

Dollar General is known for its wide variety of products at affordable rates. In addition to its own private brands, Dollar General also supplies other popular brands, including Clorox, Energizer, Procter & Gamble, Hanes, Coca-Cola, Mars, Unilever, Nestlé, Kimberly-Clark, Kellogg’s, General Mills, and PepsiCo.

Finding a Dollar General Location

Are you looking to buy other shipping supplies, such as envelopes or boxes? You can find the nearest Dollar General locations at the convenient Dollar General Store Locator.

Simply enter your address, city, state, or zip code and press search. The locator will provide you with a list of the stores near you, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation. You can also filter the results based on some of the services provided at the various locations.

No Dollar Store near you? No worries! Check out our Where to Buy Stamps Guide for convenient locations for buying stamps or other shipping supplies.

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