USPS Customer Experience Survey

By | May 1, 2020
USPS Customer Survey Experience
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The United States Postal Service (USPS) Customer Experience Survey is a questionnaire designed by the USPS to measure customer satisfaction. The results of the survey directly shape the USPS’s marketing programs, best practices, and business strategies. According to the USPS Office of Inspector General, over one million people complete USPS Customer Experience Surveys annually.


Why take the USPS Customer Experience Survey?

When you complete the USPS Survey, you are not only helping the USPS improve their overall business; you are also ensuring that your future interactions with USPS continue to improve.

While surveys can seem irrelevant (do big corporations honestly take the time to read my responses?), the USPS works hard to ensure that your survey matters. In addition to shaping USPS’s overall business strategies, USPS utilizes customer surveys to improve customer service at the store level. Customer survey responses are routed to their appropriate USPS branches so those customer complaints can be addressed, and customer feedback can be utilized to implement positive changes.

The USPS survey is fast and easy to complete. In approximately 2-5 minutes, you can provide USPS with your feedback. All it takes is an internet connection, a smart device, and the receipt from your most recent store purchase or an invitation to participate.

The Four USPS Customer Experience Surveys

USPS currently provides four different Customer Experience Surveys based on the service provided. The surveys include:

  • The Point of Sale (POS) Survey: Measures the retail experience at post office locations. The POS Survey makes up the majority of annual survey responses. The POS Survey can be found at
  • The Delivery Survey: Assesses the delivery experience of residential and small-medium business customers. When USPS delivers a package to your home or business, they will include an invitation to complete the survey, along with your specific username and password. The Delivery Survey can be found at
  • The Business Service Network (BSN) Survey: Surveys customer satisfaction for large business customers. The BSN Survey is sent to specific customers with an associated respondent key. The BSN Survey can be found at
  • The Customer Care Center (CCC) Survey: Measures customer satisfaction with phone helpline responses.

How to Complete the USPS Customer Experience Survey 

To complete a USPS Customer Experience Survey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the appropriate USPS Customer Experience Survey website and select your preferred language. To date, the survey is offered in English and Spanish.
    customer survey experience step 1
  2. Depending on the type of survey you are completing, a username, password, and/or response key may be needed. Your username and password can be found on the survey invitation provided by USPS. Enter your username and password, then hit “Next >.”
    customer survey experience Step 2
  3. Enter the ZIP code of your most recent transaction. For residential deliveries, this will be your home ZIP code. For post office surveys, the Zip Code can be found on the receipt of your most recent purchase (below the post office location).
    customer survey experience Step 3
  4. For post office surveys, select the post office location of your most recent transaction.
    customer survey experience Step 3
  5. Enter the date of your transaction. The date can be found at the top of your receipt or survey invitation.
    customer survey experience Step 3
  6. Answer the questions about your post office experience.
    customer survey experience Step 3

If at any point you have difficulties with your survey, you can contact the survey help desk at or call 888-878-7402.

Additional Tips for Completing the USPS Customer Experience Survey

Questions in the survey are divided into two categories. The first category is questions associated with your individual experience. For the POS and Delivery Surveys, the answers you provide in these sections will be sent to the Post Office associated with your transaction. This allows USPS to continue to improve at the store level.

post office specific comments

The second category is questions associated with the overarching business model that USPS uses. For example, questions such as the one below help USPS better train their employees to exemplify the qualities that their customers prioritize. These responses are rolled into a dashboard metric called the Customer Insight (CI) Index. In addition to shaping USPS initiatives, the CI Index is also reported to Congress and the Postal Regulatory Commission, which monitor USPS’s overall performance.

information about staff usps

When filling out your survey, make sure that your answers reflect both your personal views about USPS, as well as your individual branch experiences. By providing honest answers in both categories, you can help USPS continue to improve their service on both a local and national level.

About the United States Postal Service 

USPS (also known as the Post Office, Postal Service, and U.S. Mail) is an independent agency of the United States Executive Branch. Founded in 1775, USPS now employees over 600,000 Americans throughout the United States and handles millions of letters and parcels each day. For more information about the history of USPS, see the History of the U.S. Post Office.

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