Does Target Sell Stamps?

By | June 6, 2020
does target sell postage stamps
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If you live in the United States, there is an excellent chance that you have shopped at Target. In fact, most Americans have probably heard the joke that “you go to Target for one thing and return home with half the store.”

Well, here’s a chance to add one more thing to that list. In addition to groceries, medicine, clothing, furniture, office supplies, books, and electronics, you can also purchase postage stamps at nearly every Target across the country!


Does Target Sell Postage Stamps?

Yes, most of the time! Target has two types of stores: the standard and “small-format” Target stores and the hypermarket SuperTarget stores. All Super Target Stores sell stamps; however, some of the Small Target Stores do not.

Unlike many other retailers, Target sells a wide variety of stamps. In addition to selling books of stamps, they also offer coils and rolls of stamps. Most locations sell both First Class and First Class Forever Stamps.

First Class stamps provide enough postage for a 1-ounce standard letter. The First Class stamps demarcated as Forever stamps won’t decrease in value as postage prices rise (for more information, see our Guide on First Class Postage).

Buying Stamps at Target

The Target Corporation, or Target, is a general merchandise retailer with 1,871 locations in all 50 states (as of June 2020). Target stores are typically open from 8:00am to 9:00pm seven days a week, though some of the larger stores do have extended hours.

Stamps can typically be purchased from customer service representatives at the checkout stations. While most stores keep the stamps at the register, some of the larger Target locations only sell stamps from the Customer Service Desk.

What is the Cost of Stamps at Target?

Target sells postage stamps for the same price offered at United States Post Offices. Because Target sells its stamps in booklets, you can actually save money by purchasing a book or roll of stamps at Target instead of a single stamp elsewhere.

The price for a book of 20 First-Class Forever stamps is currently $11.60 (plus tax); however, with the Target discounted book of stamps, you can expect a savings of several cents per stamp. Therefore, if you use stamps semi-regularly, purchasing the book can be a great investment.

Stamps at Online

Target Online ( does not currently offer United States postage stamps for purchase.

However, they do sell books about stamps. If you collect stamps or are interested in starting a collection, check out and our other articles about stamp collecting.

Finding a Target Location

Ready to head to Target for all of your stamp buying needs? You can find the nearest Target locations at the convenient Target Store Locator.

Simply enter your zip code or city and press search. The locator will provide you with a list of the stores near you, along with their addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation. You can also filter the results based on the services provided at various locations.

Once you find a store near you, make sure you call customer service to verify that they sell stamps before you head to the store.

No Target near you? No worries! Check out our Where to Buy Stamps Guide for other convenient locations.

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