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Embrace Patriotism with Flag Forever Stamps

Are you ‌tired of‍ constantly losing your patriotic spirit along ‍with your ⁤loose⁣ change? Well, fear not, my fellow Americans, because ⁢there’s a stamp for that! ​Introducing the Flag Forever Stamps – the perfect way to embrace your love for⁤ the red, white, and blue without breaking ⁤the ​bank (or losing it in your couch… Read More »

How to Start Stamp Collecting

In 1840, the first postage stamp was introduced in Britain. At that time, nobody could have predicted that postage stamps would create one of the world’s most fascinating collectors’ hobbies. Nowadays, there are over five million individuals in the United States that participate in stamp collecting. If you are looking to become a philatelist, then… Read More »

How to Sell a Stamp Collection

So, you’ve decided to sell your stamp collection. Whether you recently inherited your stamps or you’ve been a collector for years, it’s incredibly beneficial to learn how to value a stamp collection properly. Below we’ll discuss some of the things you’ll need to know about the philatelic (stamp collecting) marketplace before you attempt to sell… Read More »