Does USPS Deliver on Saturday / Sunday?

By | March 9, 2021
does usps deliver packages on saturday / sunday
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We all know there’s usually little reason to check the mailbox on Sunday. After all, there’s no post on Sundays. Yet, while this is true of your typical letters, it may not be true for your packages.

Since 2013, USPS has delivered packages on Saturdays and select packages on Sundays. Below, we have everything you need to know about USPS weekend deliveries.


USPS Delivery Times

When shipping parcels with USPS, you can pick from several shipping options based on your delivery location, budget, and timeline. Summaries of the most popular shipping options are included in the table below.

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Priority Mail ExpressPriority MailMedia MailParcel Select GroundFirst Class Mail: Letters and PostcardsFirst Class Mail: Flats and Large Envelopes
Delivery TimeOvernight - 2 days guaranteed1 - 3 business days2 - 8 business days2 - 8 business days1 - 3 business days1 - 3 business days
Service DaysMonday - Saturday, with Sunday delivery for additional chargeMonday - Saturday, with Sunday delivery for Amazon and in large metro areasMonday - SaturdayMonday - SaturdayMonday - SaturdayMonday - Saturday
Delivery AreaEvery address in the United StatesEvery address in the United StatesEvery address in the United StatesEvery address in the United StatesEvery address in the United StatesEvery address in the United States

For more detailed information on USPS delivery options, visit USPS Mail & Shipping Services.

Does USPS Deliver on Saturday?

Yes, USPS does deliver letters and packages on Saturdays. The workweek for USPS letter carriers is Monday-Saturday, so Saturday deliveries are no different from those completed on weekdays.

Package delivery is typically lighter on Saturdays, as Monday-Friday are the primary delivery days. Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express parcels are typically given priority on Saturdays, but other mail classes are also frequently delivered.

USPS does not specify delivery times for packages. USPS deliveries typically occur between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, but later deliveries have been known to happen occasionally. For more information on USPS delivery times, check out our other article, How Late Does USPS Deliver Packages.

Does USPS Deliver on Sunday?

Priority Mail Express Items and Amazon packages are the only packages delivered by USPS on Sunday. The remaining mail classes, as well as letters, are not delivered on Sundays.

In 2013, USPS signed a deal with Amazon to deliver Amazon packages throughout the week, including Sundays. The program began in New York and Los Angeles but quickly spread to other metropolitan areas.

As stated above, USPS does not specify delivery times for packages. However, if your parcel is overnighted with Priority Mail Express, it is guaranteed to arrive by 10:30 am, even on Sundays.

How to Ensure a Weekend Delivery with USPS

USPS offers many services to help you control when your package is delivered. To ensure that your package is delivered where you want it, when you want it, consider these helpful tools:

  1. USPS Delivery Instructions: The USPS Delivery Instructions tool allows you to direct the postman to leave your package at a specific location (near the door, at a neighbor’s house, etc.), send your package to a different address, hold your package at a Post Office for pick-up, upgrade to Priority Mail, or add extra services. This service is beneficial because it can help you manage when and how your package will arrive. To see everything the service has to offer, check out the USPS Delivery Instructions.
  2. USPS Redelivery: If you miss your scheduled package delivery, you can reschedule your delivery on the USPS Redelivery Service. Once you enter your parcel information, you can pick the date on which your redelivery will occur. As long as your package qualifies for weekend delivery, you can choose a Saturday or Sunday redelivery.
  3. Pay for Guaranteed Postage: If you ship your package with Priority Mail Express, delivery is guaranteed in 1-2 days. By ordering at the end of the week and paying the additional postage cost, you can guarantee that your package will arrive on the weekend.

How to Track your USPS Package

When all else fails, tracking your package can help you to ensure that you are home when your package arrives. To track your USPS package, visit the convenient USPS Tracking Service online. Simply enter your tracking number to get accurate updates on the location of your parcel.

For more shipping information, see our other USPS articles or Contact Us.

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