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Embrace Patriotism with Flag Forever Stamps

Are you ‌tired of‍ constantly losing your patriotic spirit along ‍with your ⁤loose⁣ change? Well, fear not, my fellow Americans, because ⁢there’s a stamp for that! ​Introducing the Flag Forever Stamps – the perfect way to embrace your love for⁤ the red, white, and blue without breaking ⁤the ​bank (or losing it in your couch… Read More »

Do Stamps Expire?

For over a century and a half, postage stamps have been required to send mail. Before postage stamps were an option, however, postal services operated on a COD (cash on delivery) basis. As you can imagine, this wasn’t a sustainable business strategy. A significant amount of shipments were never paid for, and to cover these… Read More »

Different Types of Stamps – What to Know

The urge to collect things is part of human nature. If you’re interested in starting a stamp collection, you aren’t alone! About twenty years after the introduction of the first postage stamp (known as the “Penny Black”), the first significant group of stamp collectors emerged. By 1860, thousands of people across the globe called themselves… Read More »

How to Start Stamp Collecting

In 1840, the first postage stamp was introduced in Britain. At that time, nobody could have predicted that postage stamps would create one of the world’s most fascinating collectors’ hobbies. Nowadays, there are over five million individuals in the United States that participate in stamp collecting. If you are looking to become a philatelist, then… Read More »

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Have you ever needed to send out a postcard in a flash? Or mail a letter in a last-minute dash? One of the worst feelings is realizing that you have an urgent item to mail and don’t have any stamps available. Since technology allows us to pay bills online and communicate with others instantly, many… Read More »

Famous U.S. Stamps – A History of “Firsts”

Much of our country’s cultural history is reflected by the stamps that are created. Countless faces of celebrities, presidents, and even fictional cartoon characters have graced some of the most prime (and printed) real estate in history. However, have you ever wondered who the first actress was to appear on a U.S. postage stamp? Or… Read More »

How Many Pages Can You Mail with One Stamp?

Since August 29, 2021, the regular first-class rate for stamps increased to 58 cents. Depending on what you’re mailing, there will be plenty of times when you’ll wonder if you need one stamp or two. It’s inevitable! However, if you often make the mistake of overestimating the postage you need to send a letter, you… Read More »

How to Sell a Stamp Collection

So, you’ve decided to sell your stamp collection. Whether you recently inherited your stamps or you’ve been a collector for years, it’s incredibly beneficial to learn how to value a stamp collection properly. Below we’ll discuss some of the things you’ll need to know about the philatelic (stamp collecting) marketplace before you attempt to sell… Read More »

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps?

Does Walgreens Sell Stamps: Walgreens is a pharmacy store chain that offers prescription medication, health products, wellness products, photo services, and yes, you guessed it… stamps! If you want to buy stamps individually or in book form, you can head over to your local Walgreens store. Stamps are available in booklets with 20 stamps or… Read More »