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Lauren is a freelance writer and artist from Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. She is the founder of North Art Studio at She loves taking long walks through the forest and reads as much as she can.

What Are Stamp Perforations?

Stamp perforations are the tiny holes punched between rows and columns of stamps. They make separation much more manageable. Before we had perforations, postal workers would have to cut stamps out by hand, often leading to mistakes. Depending on the severity of the mistake (for example, cutting through the design), some stamps wouldn’t even be… Read More »

10 Postage Printing Methods For Stamps (Master List)

Stamp printing has been around since the 19th century but is still relatively new compared to how long the postal system has been around. Various nations have used different methods, and the process of printing has changed numerous times over the last hundred years. Each method of printing was intended to thwart unauthorized reproduction or… Read More »

Who Invented the Stamp?

British schoolteacher Rowland Hill sought to create a more efficient system for the postal service. He explored a variety of methods starting in 1826, and a year later he released a pamphlet called Post Office reform: Its Importance and Practicability. Within the pamphlet he recommended using a form of prepayment described as, “A bit of… Read More »

27 Different Types of Stamps (Master List)

Stamps have come in all different types, shapes, sizes, colors, and features. Stamp Collectors may specialize in one kind of stamp, or collect stamps from all sorts of categories. Not all stamps are alike, and they serve various purposes. The different types of stamps include: “Regular Issues” Commemorative Airmail Precancels Perfins Official Postage Dues Semi-Postal… Read More »